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  • Everything Our Bodies Need Is Provided By Nature. - Founder, Jim Strauss

  • Arterial Cleanse. 1 out of 2 people need one. Is it you?

  • Over 300 years ago, in the heart of Europe, an ancient formula emerged.  Crafted with select herbs and according to the unique methods of the Strauss family of herbalists, it came to be renowned as a restorative medicine for the heart.  Endorsed and celebrated by its supporters and despised by its jealous detractors.

  • Whenever possible, choose Strauss HeartDrops for both heart and cardiovascular system.  Effective herbal medicine aligned with the primary objective of

  • Many thanks for such marvelous medicine - Its transforming my life! John - Canada

  • Heart disease is a woman's leading cause of death, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined.  More women than men now die of heart disease each year.

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    Factors to Check For in Vascular HealthBlood Pressure, Chronic Stress, Circulation,
    Rhythm of the Heart, Arteries, Triglycerides,
    Blood Sugar Level, LDL Cholesterol Level
    Generations of DevelopmentStrauss Naturals™ has been helping people regain their health for decades and we feel privileged to represent the result of eight generations of development, experience and production of its herbal formulas.
    Quality GuaranteeAll Strauss dietary supplements are free of caffeine, dairy, gluten, preservatives and soy. Our products are made only with the highest quality natural ingredients and do not contain artificial colors or sweeteners.